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New Winery Additions

20 Feb 2017

The two new tanks were produced by Kolmark, a stainless and mechanical fabrication company located in Rocherlea, Tasmania. Typically tanks of this size would be sourced from interstate, due to scales of economy. However, Kolmark has the facilities to build these larger scale tanks and when combined with their superior quality fabricating, it makes them the logical choice to undertake this work. Josef Chromy Wines is always looking to utilise local manufacturing companies, and having Kolmark here in Tasmania will be beneficial for the Tasmanian wine industry.

The new grape press is manufactured by German company Scharfenberger (they don’t make these in Australia yet!). It can press anything from 50kg to 18.5 tonnes of fruit. This is the first press of its kind to be able to operate as both an open slotted press (lots of oxygen), or a closed press (limited oxygen). This gives us greater options when pressing grapes to achieve the outcomes we want. 

wine tanks    

wine press


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