Cooking with Verjus

08 Jul 2015 Cooking, Verjus

We use our Josef Chromy Verjus (made from the juice of unfermented grapes) quite a bit in the kitchen as a base for pickles and dressings. It has a very user friendly, balanced acidity and sweetness that works for a lot of applications where vinegars or citrus are too overpowering. We use hops ‘gel’ for lack of a better word.. with our current entree (Smoked pear: Bay of Fires clothbound cheddar, hops & green peppercorn, toasted nori).

 Josef Chromy Verjus


Hops Gel Recipe
16g green peppercorns (whole don’t crush)
100g honey (light meadow honey, not big like leatherwood)
300g Josef Chromy Verjus
5g hops
½ leaf gelatine (titanium) soaked in cold water
3g agar agar

  1. Place green peppercorns, honey, hops and verjus in pot, warm gently and infuse 20 minutes
  2. Strain out solids
  3. Add gelatine and agar, bring to simmer and cook for 3 minutes whilst stirring
  4. Cool until set in refrigerator

Recipe by Sous Chef Euan Macpherson

This recipe would be great on a cheese platter and also works with smoked trout/salmon and as an alternative to apple sauce with your roast pork.

Enjoy and we would love to hear what recipes you have used our Verjus in. 


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