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Sarah has crafted a delicious winter dish highlighting fresh and preserved mandarin, teamed with bitter dark chocolate and a gingerbread spiced mascarpone cream. One of the delicious desserts on our later winter dessert menu.

Gingerbread mascarpone with dark chocolate and Mandarin

Cocoa nib meringue

50g icing sugar

40g egg whites

3g cinnamon powder

3g ginger powder

20g cocoa nibs

Whisk icing sugar and whites to a stiff meringue. Fold through spice and nibs. Spread thinly over a flat tray. bake in oven at 150 for an hour and then turn oven down to 80 and leave in oven until dry.

Gingerbread syrup

100g water

2g nutmeg

6g cinnamon

6g ginger powder

12g vanilla bean paste


60g treacle

80g brown sugar

30g fresh ginger

bring water and dry spices, sugar and treacle to the boil. Take off heat. Blitz fresh ginger with spice liquid and then pass through a fine sieve. Cool.


500g mascarpone

150g ginger syrup


Fold gently, don’t over mix. (note. If there is any gingerbread syrup left over can mix with spiced rum, mandarin or lime and ginger beer for a nice weekend beverage)

Mandarin granita

100ml mandarin juice

30g castor sugar

Lemon juice

1 sheet gelatin

Melt the sugar in mandarin juice (don’t bring to boil). Bloom gelatin, mix gelatin through juice and season with lemon juice to balance. freeze. Once frozen scrape with a fork.

To assemble

Put a quenelle of mascarpone on the bottom of the plate and use spoon to make a well in the centre. Crumble some dark chocolate. Clean and cut some fresh mandarin to also put in the well. Cover with broken meringue and put a spoon of mandarin granita to the side.




Autumn Menu

17 Apr 2015 Restaurant

We didn’t change our menu on the 1st of March. We didn’t even change it on the 1st of April. The sun was out, the kids were still playing and the light, uncomplicated dishes of the sunny season were still pushing on strong. Now that the boys of summer have gone, we are ready, the fire is lit and the menu is ready. This is Deep Autumn.

Yes its cooler, daylight savings is over, it’s a bit early for heavy winter foods, we like to keep things light anyway. We like to have fun, and we are with this menu but we still like to get snuggly so we are introducing a bit of heat in some areas with a touch of chilli and spice to warm things up a bit (Brussels ferment, xo sauce).

We’ve played with the menu structure a bit too with the introduction of 2 dishes in entree or main size (sticky pork pierogi, squid ink pasta). Both these dishes are also a bit of cross cultural fun, a risk I know, but we’ve got this one. As usual we source produce as locally as possible (Bay of Fires clothbound cheddar, hops from down the road, Rannoch farm quail, apples, pork from Scottsdale, fish, mussels, cider and beef from the North West.

Also we want you to share... We believe a great way to eat. There will be a daily changing shared dish with 2 accompanying sides. Speaking of sides, we’re adding a couple more, more to enjoy..

Shared meals shared meals

We are still here, pushing on with heads down, our favourite menu to date. Come see us. Our love for you is still strong and the boys of summer have gone... Check out the menu here

Matt Adams - Head Chef



Best Cellar Door with Best Food

30 Mar 2015 Restaurant, Cellar Door, Awards

Congratulations to our Cellar Door and Restaurant team awarded the Best Cellar Door with Best Food in Northern Tasmania in the Gourmet Traveller WINE annual Cellar Door Awards.

Best Cellar Door Gourmet Traveller


Matt Adams team up with Huon Aquaculture

20 Feb 2015 Restaurant

In this recipe Matt Adams shares his secret for a show-stopping Huon Ocean Trout with a molasses & miso glaze, sorrel, rye & pickles.

Add some colour to the table with beautiful pickled vegetables and introduce your guests to unbeatable new flavours. Matt has some great techniques for you to impress your guests with. See more here 



Summer Menu

16 Jan 2015 Restaurant

We've held out on our summer menu change until mid January to be able to take full advantage of the seasons offerings. Our previous menu (spring) was a good crossover and worked well into the first month of summer with lots of fresh herb and spring / summer harvest vegetables and other produce. We write our menu dish descriptions loosely so as to be able to let a dish evolve throughout its time on the menu with produce coming in and out of season. This helps keep the creative juices flowing – not being locked into something for 3 months. Flavour wise this menu we’ve gone bold and bright. Utilising the best of summers produce – stonefruit from the south, new seasons beets, heirloom carrots, tomatoes from the garden. Lots of pickling. Local currants, we are using vine leaves from, you guessed it, the vineyard.

Check out our menu here

Josef Chromy Summer menu  Josef Chromy Summer Menu

Pickled Trevally, sorrel, tomato jelly & kamut cracker and Pan fried quail, beets, blood plum & black pudding   

Desserts have been based heavily around seasonal summer fruit and some interesting combinations – The berry dessert contains local berry selection (dependant on what's available), a lemony sorrel and peppermint ‘tea’ and is finished with a mellow olive oil sorbet using arbequina oil from our friends at Glendale Olive Oil and given a bit of life with our own Josef Chromy verjus.

Another interesting dessert we are enjoying putting together is the – cucumber and toasted rice sorbets with honeydew melon and green tea meringue. A slightly challenging dessert with a refreshing, light finish

A very produce driven menu with little manipulation. Presented fresh, spritely and clean. Enjoy, we would love to hear your feedback as well -


Head Chef - Matt Adams 


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