There have been some great duos scattered throughout history....

The Odd Couple

20 Mar 2017 winery

There have been some great duos scattered throughout history. Two individuals that when working together far exceed the sum of their parts. Abbott & Costello, Simon & Garfunkle, Caesar & Cleopatra, Punch & Judy, Rudd & Gillard... maybe strike that last one...

Anyway, we have our own duo here at the winery that have been working together throughout the years, helping to craft our wines to precision. Paul (Skipper) Barron and Bernard (Bernie) Longshaw together have close to 50 years experience working in wineries, undertaking the daily activities that keep the winery and the wines going.

skip and bernieWhile these two have spent many years working together, they couldn’t be any more different in almost every aspect. One is tall, the other is not so tall. One is precise and methodical, the other is fast and spontaneous. One is affable, the other is a bit of a grump. One likes ACDC, the other likes Jethro Tull. One has a red beard, the other has a white moustache.

What they do have in common is a vast array of experience, which means they know their way around virtually any equipment or piece of machinery in the winery. Having good cellar workers makes the world of difference for winemakers, in that we can trust them with the wines, and if there is a better way for something to be done, they will find it. Here at Josef Chromy, we are lucky to have two such employees, and that is something that other wineries would be envious of.

So if you see Paul or Bernie around, make sure you say hi, as they both love to have a chat and tell a story... that is one thing that they do have in common.

- Winemaker Stew

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