by Head Chef, Nick Raitt

Tuna crudo, shemeji mushrooms in verjuice pickle, truffle mayo, fried quinoa

19 Mar 2019 Restaurant

Tuna Crudo

serves 8 to 10

800g Yellowfin tuna, as fresh as possible
Dill to garnish

Pickled mushrooms
2 punnet shemiji mushrooms
100ml verjuice
50ml white wine vinegar
150ml good olive oil
6 sprigs picked thyme

Truffle mayo
6 Egg yolks
50mls Chardonnay Vinegar
15mls Dijon mustard
25mls Fresh lemon juice
50g truffle mushroom paste
600mls olive oil
Sea salt and white pepper

Using a sharp knife, slice the fish lengthways into long barrel shapes, this will make it easier to slice. Cut the fish into discs about 3ml thick. Take your time this this part as it will make a big difference in the end for texture.

For the mushrooms - in a jug, measure out all liquids, then pan fry the mushrooms quickly on a high heat until tender, season mushrooms and add pickle liquid and thyme to the mushrooms. Remove pickles and liquid to a container or jar and chill until needed. They will last several weeks.

To make the mayo Place the yolks, mustard, truffle paste, vinegar and lemon juice in mixing bowl and whisk until light in colour, Add the oil gradually, whisking all the time, then season to taste with salt, pepper - Note, If the mayonnaise becomes too thick while making, add a little hot water

For the quinoa, bring a medium pot of water to the boil, blanch the quinoa for 10 minutes then drain well and toast in a fry pan on medium with some vegetable oil until golden. Medium heat will work well. Drain well and keep on a paper towel so it stays crisp.

When ready to serve simply un wrap the fish and dress with some of the mushroom pickle liquid, some salt and pepper, gently coating the fish. Sprinkle over the pickled mushrooms, decorate with dots of the mayo and finish with toasted quinoa and few sprigs of dill.


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Image provided by Country Style Magazine.


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